The Bicycle provides a cardio workout without putting stress on joints and knees.

The Leg Massager soothes legs after a workout.

The Captain’s Chair provides a challenging abdominal workout, strengthening the core muscles.

The Pendulum provides a full range of effective mid-core muscle workouts.

The Standing Spinner exercises the shoulders and arms and increases flexibility.

Atlas Series 

The Sit-Up Bench works the abs while keeping the back and neck safe from injury. The leg grip provides balance and good form during exercise.

The Push UP and Dip station helps develop muscles in the chest, shoulders and arms.

The Triple Hip Twister increases flexibility and works as a cooldown after a cardio workout.

The Lat Pull Down improves upper body strength.

The Rower provides a high intensity core and back workout.

The Elliptical targets a full body workout and builds leg muscle.

The Air Walker allows for continuous leg motion. Quickly progress from a slow walk to a fast-paced workout.

The Leg Press improves muscle strength in the core and the entire lower body.

The Waist Stretch provides support while the back and abdominal area are stretched.


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The Shoulder Wheels improve flexibility and range of motion

The Rider strengthens the core muscles as well as the muscles in all four limbs, the waist, abdomen and back.

The Chest Press offers a chest and arm workout.

The Cable Pull Down offers an intense workout for the back muscles.